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I grew up with Amiga computers and every so often get back into emulating them. I will now tell you how awesome they are as I dig through some classic software.

Internet Archive has a pile of free Amiga software emulated in-browser, and before anything else, you need to play Cybernetix. Shift to shoot + arrow keys:


Cybernetix is so fun, and smooth, and the theme song rules, and the enemies are cool, and it's SO HARD. Even though it was just some shareware from a couple of guys in New Zealand, it exemplifies so much of what made Amiga software in 1991 great.

We got most of our Amiga software from magazine coverdisks. Demos, shareware, utilities, etc. A 1992 issue of CU Amiga came with Qbic, a Q*Bert clone. Deeply satisfying gameplay; rhythmic, colourful, each level a distinctive challenge.

Internet Archive has Qbic on a compilation disk here, if you can get through the painfully slow Workbench emulation:


The freeware file compression software on that compilation has a SOUNDTRACK. Peak Amiga aesthetic.

Modified my streaming setup to work with the Amiga emulator so I'll be playing through some classics from childhood soon... expertly

Recently got back into 1992 Amiga shareware platformer β€œMister and Missis”. It is EXTREMELY difficult, and very ugly. But it's a masterwork in level design, and packed with puzzles and secrets. It's so much fun.

Co-hosting an Amiga stream over on @Manic_Socratic's channel... come hang out!