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Something I miss about working in downtown Halifax is all the vacant offices... I could take calls or fall asleep in sunbeams

Me in an empty office having a nap in a sunbeam on the floor

Even with the e-bike, this hill is a challenge! But still the best route to Clayton Park. #halifax

Halifax as viewed from the top crest of Melrose Ave.

If anyone in Halifax wants to adopt this wonderful snuggly cat that @playerprophet is fostering:


That said, cycling in downtown Dartmouth is no better than downtown Halifax and is the scariest part of the journey (aside from the Gottingen-to-bridge descent)

Halifax talks a big game on β€œinnovation” but when citizens actually try to solve social problems inexpensively, the cops are called


If you missed my flying-over-Halifax stream, you can watch the highlights


Thanks to everyone who stopped in! Tonight we visited an alternate Halifax where the Oval has been replaced by an evil corporate penitentiary

My Microsoft Flight Simulator plane flying over a brutalist oval-shaped building, which is flat pavement in real life.

Nova Scotia-themed livestream tonight! 7pm, come hang out as I take Microsoft Flight Simulator for a spin over the province and let's talk about our favourite places. #halifax #novascotia

A plane swoops dangerously over the Halifax peninsula.

Autumn Halifax streets

Thankful to live in Halifax.

A scene of the pond in the Public Gardens

Cutting to the chase in my next book about Halifax with the opening line: β€œ(This takes place in Halifax)”

My current favourite Halifax trend is when the bar has a smaller, better bar that's accessed through the normal bar.

Another Halifax tip: Keep a small stone in your pocket to throw at a car if it almost kills you at a crosswalk

Halifax tip: your time is worth too much to wait 2x as long for buses on Sundays. Just call a taxi

A new and improved wolfOS is all set for @Geequinox tomorrow! Come see it at the Halifax Forum if you want to hack yourself some coupon codes #geequinox2018

In 3 weeks I'll be back at the Spring @Geequinox at the Halifax Forum. Come for the books, stay for the new build of wolfOS, even more hackable than before

Halifax: I did not know this. Maybe you all did. But if you order a half-and-half at Mezza you get a SHAWARMA-DONAIR HYBRID

Great weather for Nocturne! I love walking around seeing art & friends. Probably my favourite Halifax event.

Texting and driving may be illegal, but if you want to do a crossword at the wheel that's definitely okay #10and2 #Halifax

It was a windy @wotshalifax but thanks to everyone who picked up #Ghostcrime! Also to the @halcon_scificon crew who kept the tent tied down.

Haven't read any supernatural thrillers about futuristic NS? Rectify at @wotshalifax this Sat c/o @halcon_scificon

Left a signed copy of GHOSTCRIME in the #AgricolaStFreeLibrary for a lucky Friday reader. #halifax #books

Last chance to vote GHOSTCRIME as Halifax's best book of 2015! Vote even if you haven't read it. That's democracy.


Is #Ghostcrime Halifax's best book? Just say yes, you don't actually have to read any books #easyone #ihatereading


I know it's dangerous but sometimes I cross the Armdale Rotary recreationally #halifax