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Couldn't quite get my accounting caught up and taxes in before the deadline this year, but it's kind of freeing... now I've got a whole extra month until the fine gets bigger

For accounting I've really been enjoying GnuCash. I find the data entry easy and it does closing entries for me. Saves a bunch of time

The splash screen for GnuCash showing charts and various types of money.

Catching up on my #accounting tonight. It's fun if you think of it like a treasure hunt for receipts! Who am I kidding, it's fun regardless

Dishes washed, laundry done, groceries gotten, accounting all caught up - what can possibly stop a 2-day coding tear now? #embolism

Last night at 1am I screwed up some accounting but then today I found the problem and fixed the accounting #accounting

Accounting & listening to Amiga MODs. New project in the works.