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Privacy Policy

Last updated: Apr 28, 2023

Mirth Turtle Media is committed to protecting your privacy. As you browse the site, we collect standard information from your browser such as IP address and user agent. Log files are kept only for maintenance purposes and no analysis for tracking is performed before their routine deletion. We will never share your personal information with third-party advertisers or affiliates unless you provide your express permission, such as by making a purchase through PayPal. This site uses GoatCounter, a privacy-focused web analytics product.

When you sign up for a Mirth Turtle account, you agree to provide a valid email address as well as your name. These are kept private from other users. We also keep private the information you enter into Mirth Turtle organizational products such as Shimari, ghostCRM and the m3lon kitchen management system and its legacy selector. Any games you play through the site may track your activity within the game and make that information publicly available through your profile and leaderboards. We may use your data in development to further improve the products. We take precautions to ensure your data is not compromised. You can delete your account at any time in Settings.

If you consent to receive marketing emails when you create an account, we may, from time to time, email you about other Mirth Turtle Media products, offers and promotions. We do our best to limit these communications.

This site uses cookies for the purpose of session tracking and payment functions. If you do not allow them to be set on your computer, the site will not function correctly.

Any questions about our Privacy Policy or data removal requests can be communicated directly to Christian [at] MirthTurtle.com.

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