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Not to be a downer but in ten years all the β€œI don't want to wear a mask” people are going to be β€œI don't want to grind my food through the microplastics sifter” people

Okayy! If music REALLY be the food of love, FINE. Play on, I GUESS

I hate when food is marketed as β€œfun” like c'mon, it's a cup of instant noodles not Crash Team Racing

Just like the cat I prefer wet food early in the day (oatmeal) and dry food before bed (toast)

β€œLearning to live with” my overweight cat by removing all food restrictions and never weighing him

Microdosing food to leverage the ultra-productive cusp of hangry

Thinking of going viral by callously ruining some perfectly good food

I don't dream about food usually. But I dream about Kee Heong Cantonese Bakery.

Someone please start a bed and breakfast where you can sleep in all morning and still get food, or, a bed and lunch

If there's food in hell, it's served with a whole bunch of these

Made a serious error in choosing food places today & accidentally had to peel a bag of hot shrimp on my lunch break

Sometimes when I go to the food court in the basement at work, I think of how my life can now be represented with Sim Tower

It's almost coat season again! I'm so much more effective with a coat. Easier to carry books, notepads, food, wireless keyboard, etc

I've just about had it up to here with pepper. No I do not want a sprinkling of grit in my food thanks, texture and taste are already fine

Wasn't online for #Caturday this week, but this one's called β€œNot Quite Food Time”

That last tweet got me an #aromatherapy follow! Does that also work if I have opinions on #sports #rap #books #animals #food #transportation