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Thinking of starting a moss business

Got a new haircut and the salon promptly went out of business

Charlie sniffs my face as I steal his good light

Angling to make one of the Top Ten Saddest Attempts at Business lists of 2023

I always have at least 2 businesses in my back pocket in case the current one fails spectacularly

Don't become a landlord if you're in debt and still in medical school and can't eat a $5,000 loss #BusinessFail


Morningβ„’: it's when business starts

No one does a giveaway like Mirth Turtle Media, a business poised for success


The rest of my business strategy is outlined in my business blog, ScaleQuail



My business plan for the fall is to hire a small team of litigators and then trademark the word Gourdasm

2-month self-employment update! I am doing okay. Keeping busy with the Go business, and with pandemic stress relief activities.

Starting a Go company where I play Go every day as the main driver of business #SickGoTakedowns #ThatWasASickGoTakedown #weiqi #baduk

BUSINESS REPORTER: ho hum, what to write about *the market does literally anything* BUSINESS REPORTER: hot DOG! now that's a story!

They're good enough to base the whole business on

Hello new friends; do you like #business? I too am an #entrepreneur in the #digital space

Ah yes the perfect business model

Found a receipt for a pulled beef burrito in with my important receipts #NotABusinessExpense

Moving into the business logic and rough screens for #BinaryWoods. Redesigning my old clunky Java on a sleeker Rails back-end is pure joy


Business schools should take all the β€œThings They Don't Teach You In Business School” articles and just spend an afternoon on them

Before I transformed my life through small business and good eating, I lived with a destructive badger!