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Terms of Use

MIRTH TURTLE MEDIA "Mirth Turtle Monolith" Terms of Use

Last updated: June 3, 2020

The Mirth Turtle Monolith is a web application to access books and software (the "Products") produced wholly and in part by Christian DeWolf (the "Author"). It is maintained by Mirth Turtle Media (the "Publisher"), a company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. By using the Mirth Turtle Monolith and its servers/databases (wholly referred to as the "Site"), you (the "User") agree to this Terms of Use document (the "Terms"), thereby entering into a binding agreement with the Publisher.

By using the Site, you agree not to hack, exploit or otherwise disrupt the operation of the Site or its hosted content. You agree not to attempt to obtain hosted Products by means other than the Site's interface, or without paying the listed price. You also agree not to use scripts or other forms of automation to create dummy accounts, break into the accounts of other Users of the Site, or engage in other nefarious interactions with the Site.

While all Products obtained through the Site are free from digital copy protection, you agree not to share or distribute any of the Products without the Author's express permission. You may make copies of the Products for personal use only, such as transferring to your own mobile reading device or making a private backup.

You agree to the Privacy Policy and the Refund Policy, and agree that while the Publisher will use fair and reasonable judgement in disputes, the Publisher has final say in all matters.

These Terms and policies incorporated herein constitute the entire agreement between you and the Publisher. They supersede any and all prior or contemporaneous agreements between you and the Publisher relating to your use of the Site. The Publisher may assign or modify these Terms, in part or in whole, at any time.

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