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AI isn't gonna take my job... I'm perfectly capable of torpedoing my career myself, and also technically I'm unemployed already

Once at a temp job I started reading Atlas Shrugged in the breakroom so I could learn who in the organization was an asshole

I must admit I had a Dilbert phase in my early teens... I think the idea of a job where I could drink coffee and be on the computer all day appealed to me

My first dev job was a creepy body-scanning company up in Burnside and although they went under, the snakes in charge reincorporated under a different name and still own highly detailed 3D scans of my terrible body

One time at a data entry job my coworkers called me β€œSuperman” I thought because I was talented at data entry but turned out it was because they had a joke that I looked like Turkish Superman from the B-movie

Excluding games – what's a piece of software you *like*? Something that gets the job done, but also you enjoy using it. No reason, I'm just interested

Putting together a job description for a personal assistant and under REQUIRED saying they need to serve as my foil

*Raccooncoin goes up* ME: omg I am such a good trader *Raccooncoin goes down* ME: well FUCK I guess I have to get a JOB now

(first day at my first dev job many years ago) ME: *typing into the terminal* COWORKER: Don't forget about tab completion! ME: *holy shit terminals have tab completion* Oh, uh, yeah must be nervous haha

Sometimes I try to explain to people why I like Go so much, but the AlphaGo documentary does a much better job of getting it all across.


Make it your β€œjob” to do household tasks like washing dishes and laundry by β€œpaying” yourself money, and spend it exclusively on self-care. Sorry that this one is inherently capitalist.

*first day on the trading floor and the boss is pissed* HODL? It's called selling you idiot and it's half your job

Sometimes to have fun at my job I see how many Fleetwood Mac references I can get into the codebase

Overhauling my online store in time for the new book release in September. Once again thankful that I don't do #CSS for a job

Once I had a job in Burnside & made a GIF about it

Seven winters ago, cold and unemployed, I thought Hospital Porter would be the best job. Their system won't let me forget that dream.

#FreelanceSanityCheckIn week 7 -- just accepted a full-time job. #FreelanceFail

β€œDid not get the social media job”: new blog post


Starting the new job tomorrow. Bought new jeans & got the cat hair off a few shirts; now just to figure out how Heroku works and I'm all set

Had a proper job for 7 months now so today I let myself buy prosciutto

β€œProud Mary” was always there for me when I left my good city jobs, but I've yet to find these river people who will allegedly give me money

This must be what it's like to have a school system / parents that are perfectly satisfied with producing mediocrity. β€œGreat job this week”