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If Jigsaw ever put me in a trap device as a cruel lesson, it would probably be related to my egg nog consumption

A nice thing about having minerals in egg form is that you can arrange them in β€œnests” like some kind of deranged bird

Malachite, rose quartz and shungite eggs. Pyrite, lapis lazuli and charoite eggs. Ruby fuchsite, agate and amythest eggs.

Had to move the mineral egg collection off the mantlepiece because the cat got jealous and figured out how to get up there

I may not do easter egg hunts anymore, but at least I still have β€œWhere is my damn T4”

Came on here to post a joke I've been workshopping all day about pickled eggs but I see that Trump has been impeached so I'll probably just save it for a different day

Just putting it out there that if anyone has any egg-shaped minerals lying around... I want them

Hey @StrubsPickles big fan but just wondering if you changed your brine because my picked eggs were a bit watery this week

Rip the top off the egg carton in the fridge so you don't have to haul it out and open it to get an egg. Also you can see how many eggs left. Pretty small one I'll admit.

Formatting an #eBook while I wait for delicious egg bread to rise - what could be better? #NOTHING #airconditioningactually