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Trying this thing where I stream every day this week but I can already see why people don't do this

*watching a streamer play The Long Dark* SEARCH IT. SEARCH THE DESK

Friday night Go stream, then dropping in on @Manic_Socratic to talk more #Amiga favourites. 2 hyperfixations in 1 night! Starting 8pm ADT (in ~4 hours)

Me doing a Go stream @Manic_Socratic streaming Amiga on the A500 Mini A screenshot from D/Generation on the Amiga

Some games of Go are friendlier than others. LEFT: an exhibition game I played with another streamer RIGHT: an all-out scrap with an internet stranger #SickGoTakedowns #ThatWasASickGoTakedown #weiqi #baduk

A completed Go game with lots of empty space on the board. A tangled messy Go game with very little empty space left.

Co-hosting an Amiga stream over on @Manic_Socratic's channel... come hang out!


Come hang out with me on stream this afternoon while I play Go and mess around with old Mac software


A Go position in which a large B group is captured. A Mac OS System 7 desktop featuring an assortment of classic games.

One more Go stream for 2021! Come say hi


Fun stream today! Thanks for dropping by @Manic_Socratic


Playing that board game I like on stream


Streaming some Go in a couple of minutes


If you missed my flying-over-Halifax stream, you can watch the highlights


Nova Scotia-themed livestream tonight! 7pm, come hang out as I take Microsoft Flight Simulator for a spin over the province and let's talk about our favourite places. #halifax #novascotia

A plane swoops dangerously over the Halifax peninsula.

1-year self-employment update! Pandemic aside, it was a pretty good year of coding, freelancing, trading, streaming, and of course playing Go

Charlie snuggles against my laptop as I work.

Doing a β€œpump & dump scheme” by convincing 2 people to subscribe to my Twitch and then not streaming for a month

So the stream feeds into the site, which then feeds into the Go adventure series I'm writing, illustrated by @playerprophet:


Snapback, Volume 2

My main strategy for outreach and growth is doing Go streams on Twitch, which is ridiculous because I'm a huge introvert, but it's been really fun.

The big project is Shimari, a site for Go players, brand new learners, and the streaming community. If you want to get into Go you can start here!


Shimari – Go Discipline

Adan is a streamer I really look up to. He's built a strong, positive community and is always looking for ways to pay forward. Plus he's a seriously talented live entertainer and I've learned tons from watching him.


Streaming companion


Streaming some Go & demoing my new software


Modified my streaming setup to work with the Amiga emulator so I'll be playing through some classics from childhood soon... expertly

If you miss the sound of my voice, or like watching Go, I’m streaming in a few minutes:


If I streamed a few games of Go, would you stop by? 10 seconds a move, light soundtrack, live heart rate monitor of course

When @FlyknifeComics and I were streaming Riven a few nights ago, the guy with the speedrunning world record showed up in the chat! He is... very impressive


Will be doing my first foray into β€œstreaming” this Thursday on @FlyknifeComics' channel as we play a game we both love and despise... RIVEN THE SEQUEL TO MYST