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Charlie keeps cool on this hot day

A hot cat lounges on a blanket

Charlie's doing numbers over on Reddit


Charlie got spooked by the fridge and puffed up

Charlie is ten today! 🧁

Charlie celebrates his birthday with a nap.

Charlie looks peaceful here but later he got himself stuck behind an armchair

Charlie wearing a cone and sleeping in the sun

A Charlie deluge

He judges you. Charlie caught in the act of being cute. Charlie hides his face while he sleeps.

Charlie update

This orange and white cat is focused on something outdoors.

It's Charlie

Charlie the cat sits comfortably on a pillow.

Thanks everyone... Charlie got his treat. Now he would like belly rubs

Charlie the cat, orange and white, rolled onto his back in a sunbeam as if inviting belly rubs.

If enough people Like this photo, I will give Charlie a treat

Charlie the cat looks very handsome in a sunbeam, gazing behind the camera.

*I become financially ruined* it's come to this... time to make an NFT of Charlie bein weird! *everyone starts hating me* OH NO okay here's an NFT of Charlie apologizing *it sells, but history looks upon me with scorn*

Charlie's birthday once again β™₯️

Charlie the cat on the top of the fridge, illuminated by warm lamplight. He looks very sweet, like he won't fuck your shit up for no reason.

Charlie helps me keep things on-brand

Charlie the cat looks serious as he walks through a sunbeam across a Go board.

When I play peekaboo with Charlie or do a little dance for him, and he starts purring? I'm like, β€œnailed it”

Hit 500 followers so as gratitude here's a Charlie-sleeping megapack

Charlie sleeping on his blanket. Charlie sleeping on the mantlepiece. Charlie sleeping on my sweater.

Every 3-4 days Charlie will lose his favourite mousey toy under a different piece of furniture and I have to scour the apartment with a flashlight

The pet fountain needed too much cleaning, but now Charlie has water stations in every room

Charlie drinks water out of a gold-rimmed Stella glass.

Now that cropping is gone, I can finally post this one of Charlie doing finger guns

Charlie doing finger guns

Today is Charlie's (estimated) birthday β™₯️ He is 7.

Charlie stretches in the hallway, mouth open.

Much like me, Charlie needs a project to keep himself occupied

A cat sits inside a cardboard box he's thoroughly chewed around.

Might try to get better at social media and use this Charlie picture to react to all the r/relationships and AITA trainwrecks

The now-classic picture of Charlie absolutely gobsmacked

Airdropping Charlie pictures to my laptop and knowing the signals are passing through my heart

Charlie exposes his belly for attention.

A Charlie GIF

A fast slideshow of a cat relaxing and preening

5 month self employment update: building my user base and upgrading the core features. Beginner area coming soon :) Friends and users all welcome to join the Discord server. Charlie features heavily


3 month self-employment update: kind of a slow month because I had to move, but getting ready to launch v1 of my Go learning tool to early testers. Charlie is clearly excited.