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*things get bad again* OK it's time to bring back the sticker book. Let's get some dolphins on the day planner

Having to explain to potential investors that I'm doing the classic SaaS platform + book-series + virtual airline + badger blog strategy

Meeting up with the dev team today & bringing them a selection of books

A photo of five books laid out. On top left, "How to Break Web Software" by Mike Andrews and James A. Whittaker. Right of that is "Snow Crash" by Neal Stephenson. On the top right is "Dataclysm: Who We Are" by Christian Rudder. On the bottom left is "Bots: The Origin of New Species," but the author's name is cut off. On the bottom right is "Burning Chrome" by William Gibson.

Seeing this garbage robot reminded me of a book! The eerily accurate 1988 sci-fi novel Islands in the Net by Bruce Sterling is set in 2023 and this is the first scene.


Photo of a pulp sci-fi book cover. The book is called "Islands in the Net" by Bruce Sterling. In a circle is a picture of a woman with what appears to be a leather jacket that is attached to cords that come from her hair. Taglines read "Author of 'Schismatrix' and 'The Artificial Kid'" and "One of the most exciting new talents to enter science fiction in decades ... If you want a look at what the future might *really* be like, read Sterling." Credited to Gardner Dozois (?) editor of Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine. Photo of a page of the previous novel. It reads "It was a video casette recorder. Twenty years of grit and brine had made it a solid mass of corrosion. A thin gruel of sand and broken shell dropped from its empty casette slot.
"It was an old-fashioned unit. Heavy and clumsy. Limping, Laura dragged it behind her by its cord. She looked up the beach for the local trash can.
"She spotted it loitering near a pair of firemen, who stood in hip boots in the gentle surf. She called out, 'Trash can!'
"The can pivoted on broad rubber treads and rolled toward her voice. It snuffled across the beach, mapping its way with bursts of infrasound. It spotted Laura and creaked to a stop behind her.
"Laura hefted the dead recorder and dropped it into the open barrel with a loud, bonging thump. 'Thank you for keeping our beaches clean," the can intoned. 'Galveston appreciates good citizenship. Would you like to register for a valuable cash prize?'
"'Save it for the tourists,' Laura said. She jogged toward home, favoring her ankle."

Cutting to the chase in my next book about Halifax with the opening line: β€œ(This takes place in Halifax)”

One of the movers picked up the bookcase that has one shelf specifically labeled for Self Care items. He said, « Self care »

Getting put on some kind of nerd hit list by the moving company for having 20 boxes of books

This book is very good & you can/should support local mega-talent @cephiedvariable by pre-ordering a hardcover first edition.


Been a while since I had a coat book THIS bad

This by-the-book takedown ended the game, but the colossal seki is the true winner here. #SickGoTakedowns #ColossalSeki #weiqi #baduk

Day 3 at #halcon2018! Lots of books left, and I’d rather you take them home than me. Let’s make some deals.

Volumes 1 and 2 of SNAPBACK are a great way to get into Go & they're perfect books for waiting around in #halcon2018 lineups. Illustrated by @playerprophet who's also up on the 5th floor. $10 for both

A ghost and a robot team up to commit the perfect crime in... GHOSTCRIME. Featuring actual code for comedy robots, book club discussion questions & more. Throw a $10 at me and take one. #halcon2018

There aren't many places you can buy lustrous cards magnetically encoded with jokes about capitalism, but @halcon_scificon will be one of them. Also available: books #halcon2018

So proud of @cephiedvariable for getting a book deal out of this awesome story:


Plan coming together for #halcon2018. Tons of giveaways, a new game on the old wolfOS terminal, and pay-what-you-can for books, all weekend. My accountant is NOT happy about this con. @halcon_scificon

Setting up some marketing automation for my books, except I'm trying this bold new strategy

Keep your main β€œto-do list” in a notebook. Hold a ritual to imbue the book with dark sentience so you HAVE to do all the things or else learn the book's consequences. Infuse it with essential oil during the ritual so the smell makes you remember its power.

Marketing WIN! This author is using a melon selector to drive traffic to his online bookstore:



Atlas Shrugged is a dangerous book. When you throw it out the window it can really hurt someone below. Thing is verbose

Now *this* is a cemetery I can read some books in

This is the kind of prose you get when there's a 2-page cigarette ad in the book

All set up at #geequinox2018! #books @Geequinox

Sometimes @FlyknifeComics will contribute terrible books to my #coatbooks collection. This one contains a brief interlude.

In 3 weeks I'll be back at the Spring @Geequinox at the Halifax Forum. Come for the books, stay for the new build of wolfOS, even more hackable than before