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Dropping all current projects to focus on something called ComputerBike

Even with the e-bike, this hill is a challenge! But still the best route to Clayton Park. #halifax

Halifax as viewed from the top crest of Melrose Ave.

Whenever I drop my bike off for service, I feel so stranded and helpless. You're telling me I have to WALK home? ohhh no

E-bike has made Dartmouth so much more accessible to me... from Coburg area, I can be across the bridge in just over 12 minutes, downtown in another 5 taking the Shore Rd route

Photo of a watch displaying twelve minutes and 35 seconds. In the background are several lanes of cars and a gas station. Photo of the same watch showing 17 minutes, 48 seconds. The background reveals a different part of town.

Loaded up the e-bike for an overnight BBQ in St Margarets Bay. 50km each way; easy ride on the trail with normal/high boost.

Photo of an ebike strapped with luggage. Ebike parked along a sunny trail shaded with verdant trees. Photo of a sunset over a shoreline. On a fresh green lawn, the ebike is parked next to a small red tent.

Family was in town today and I convinced them to rent bikes! From the waterfront we hit Fries'n'Co and ate in Flinn Park... then to the Dingle, Frog Pond, back through the South End and up Citadel Hill.

Four bikes are parked in the parking lot in front of Fries'n'Co, a fish and chips restaurant.

New high score! #ebike

Bike handlebar with a screen showing speed and battery power. The battery is low, 1/5 bars, but the speed reads 46km/h. The bike is spattered with tiny droplets of rain.

It's finally spring, and the e-bike is still incredible: - I can haul a week+ of groceries effortlessly - I can get to Dartmouth faster than the bus - I can go to the South Shore just whenever

Ebike parked near a grocery store has full pannier bags and a big package of toilet paper bungie-corded to the rack over the back tire. View of Halifax from across the harbor on a sunny day. Railway tracks lay between the viewer and the water. A gravel trail surrounded by greenery, but the trees don't have leaves yet.

I am still loving this e-bike! It hauls all my groceries and it's getting me out exercising in a season I would normally stay in. And it's so easy to go FAST. I'm consistently going 30-40 km/h which feels amazing.

Got an e-bike on Friday and it's SO fun. Had an amazing weekend.

A huge blue e-bike Halifax from atop Citadel Hil The water at Black Rock Beach A gazebo that I found. I thought it might be magical but it turned out to be university property.