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January 19, 2020

Mirth Turtle is Live

If there’s anything a comedy business knows, it’s comedy. But this particular comedy business also knows Go, so a few products thus far have been Go-related.

Well, I’ve spent some time communing with the Business Voices, and we’ve agreed that it’s time for a pivot:

Mirth Turtle is now a Go business, which also occasionally still produces comedy.

A Go board

Why? Because Go is the best game in the world, so to succeed at the business, all I need to do is get people to play it, have them fall in love with it, then produce software and content to support them.

Right now, online Go is in a sorry state. Interactive tutorials are broken. Sites don’t use SSL. Forums are dead. You may be able to teach yourself the game with the Wikipedia of Go, Sensei’s Library, but it's hard to know where to start.

This is where Mirth Turtle enters the market. We'll give you the tools to learn Go, improve your skills, and maybe – just maybe – take some profit along the way.

Another Go board

So that’s the central principle of the business now. I’m starting with a semi-regular Go livestream so you can relax, see how it’s played, and connect with me in chat. Follow me on Twitch, and sign up on Social for updates.

Anyway, if all of this turns out to be foolish and I go bankrupt: at least I’ve still got Ghostcrime to fall back on.