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May 21, 2018

Jesse is old now

If anything is clear, it’s that my badger is getting ahead in years. His fur is tinged ashy grey, and it’s not as sleek as before, even with his rich diet of oily meats. Jesse’s favourite for years has been paté, specifically the kind with the jelly.

I’ll let you know if anything exciting happens, or if my new landlord ever finds out about him, but until then, Jesse and I are happy and healthy. You can read our stories from the beginning if you’re interested.

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April 28, 2015


After spitting one last, insulting snow at us, Halifax seems to have conceded to spring, a season as symbolic as it is inevitable. Jesse, in his exuberance, has destroyed the kitchen. Wasn’t too much of a hassle, though — I had to do some cleaning up anyway.

But as the flowers become visible from the window, I worry about the coming days. What adventures does summer hold? Will we go on that camping excursion I’ve been planning for years, and how large a first-aid kit will I be able to carry? I was even planning to learn to paraglide at some point, but I’ll likely need to find a badgersitter for that. I hope the going rate is affordable.

Well, until next winter — wish us luck. Whatever happens, though, I’m sure I’ll have more badger stories soon enough.